We are happy to announce “Conditional Logic” as a new feature of PlanSo Forms Pro!

The Conditional Logic of PlanSo Forms Pro allows you to create interactive forms that show or hide individual fields depending on your users input.


You sure know forms that ask the user how he was referred to the website. In most cases you’ll find answers like:

  • Search-Engine,
  • Display Ad
  • Referred by Friend
  • Other

Now wouldn’t it be great if you as the website owner would get more details if the user chooses “Other” in such a case? Sure it would! And that is exactly where the Conditional Logic of PlanSo Forms Pro comes into play.

Pro users can define different condition sets per Field and with this show an additional field, lets name it “how exactly”, just for the case a user chooses “Other”.

But before I try to explain it further just check out a demo right below:

HINT: choose OTHER if you want to see conditional logic in action

Just change the select box to “Other” and see the field below popping up: that’s one use case of the new conditional logic feature!

An other use case is hidden in the form above as well – did you notice it? (Hint: fill in all mandatory fields and see the submit button popping up on the bottom of the form)

If you like what you see why not head over to our pricing page and start adding conditional logic to your forms as well?