Is the registration with PlanSo free

Yes, upon registration we will create a test-install for you which is free of charge. During the test-drive you have the possibility to upgrade to a full version of PlanSo by providing your payment details.

How is the pricing determined

We check your individual usage on a daily basis. This means that we count the amount of tables used, forms created and activated, lead teasers created and activated, and all other aspects that you have installed and in use within PlanSo. At the end of the month we process your daily usage and create your invoice accordingly.

How can I cancel my account

You can cancel your account anytime. You will be billed for the month of the cancelation however as we only charge for usage that we track at the end of the month. Once the month is over your account will be deactivated and deleted 2 month thereafter.

When will I receive the invoice

As we are calculating the your usage at the end of each month we will send you the invoice at the beginning of the following month.

How can I pay

You can pay by credit card or via PayPal.

Are there any special system requirements

No, the only thing you need is an internet connection and a modern browser. We recommend google chrome for both pc and mac.

Can I pay in advance


Where do I find the pricing

Prices vary based on individual usage. You can calculate your expected pricing by visiting our pricing calculator.

Can I test-drive PlanSo

Yes, you can test-drive most PlanSo features by registering for an account. The typical duration is 14 days. If you need to prolong your test for a good reason please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to extend your test-account.

Is my data safe

The utmost precaution is taken to ensure that your data is secure within PlanSo. We care to protect your data!

What happens to my data

All submitted and generated data will be stored on the cloud servers of PlanSo in data centers distributed accross different locations. Due to this replication we can prevent data loss even in the case of a flaw in one location.

Who owns the submitted / generated data

You are the sole owner of the submitted and generated data/contents. You grant us the right to publish your data upon your request though. Only this way we can publish a form or a lead teaser including the attached contents for example. Please see our terms for further details.

Do I have to change anything in my own terms and conditions

If you are using our leads-script on your website and your local laws want you to inform your users about any tracking scripts that you are utilizing. Then you should inform your user about using the PlanSo Leads script, as well. You can use a description similar to one for Google Analytics.

Can I use PlanSo modules separately

Yes, you can book and use each module available separately. Many modules work better in combination with other modules though. The shiftplaner profits from timetracking for example. And forms-tracking profits from PlanSo Leads Pro due to contact enrichment. as an example.