At PlanSo Forms we don’t like spam. But we don’t like captchas either. If you’ve read our one of our last blog-post, Why PlanSo Forms doesn’t support CAPTCHAs – and you better don’t deploy them, you know why. To better protect the thousands of websites using PlanSo Form we’ve taken a step towards improving Spam-protection even further. We’ve contacted Mihai of Goodbye Captcha to discuss the possibilities of joining forces to fight spam. And today we’re happy to let you know about the brand new integration of PlanSo Forms in the powerful anti-spam plugin Goodbye Captcha.

About intelligent spam-protection

Goodbye Captcha completely eliminates spam-bot signups or spam comments on your WordPress site. It works with any form built by PlanSo e.g. Login, Registration, PayPal and of course any regular forms as well. It’s a reliable plugin which was first released in September 2014 and downloaded over 18.000 times by now. As we’ve know for long Captchas have a negative impact on user experience. Both Goodbye Captcha and PlanSo Forms address this issue via an invisible spam-protection. Together your WordPress site stays spam free because Spam bots are immediately identified by an algorithm which in turn makes your site faster and more secure.

How to install GoodbyeCaptcha

As of version 1.6.0 of PlanSo Forms, we’ve included a button to install GoodbyeCaptcha directly from within the Form Builder of PlanSo Forms for WordPress. Just click this install button, activate the plugin and setup your configuration.
From within the form builder of PlanSo Forms for WordPress you click on the help button. You’ll find the gray help-button next to the save button.
Click on the “Install GoodbyeCaptcha” button in the modal window that opens after you click on the help-button. The plugin installation opens in a new windows and will start right after you click that button.
Once the installation has finished, click on activate.
Now you need to find the GoodbyeCaptcha menu item in the left admin navigation and click it. Then you click on the popular forms tab and activate the checkbox for PlanSo Forms. As soon as you save the configuration GoodbyeCaptcha will increase the Anti-Spam protection of PlanSo Forms automatically.
If you’d like to learn more about GoodbyeCaptcha please have a look at the review by Mark Zahra which is published on his blog WordPress Mayor. There you’ll receive an impression about how this plugin actually works. You can download the anti-spam plugin Goodbye Captcha directly from WordPress Plugin Directory.