Some weeks ago we announced the integration of PlanSo Forms and Zapier.
This tool makes it easy for non-developers to connect their web services together, saving time and improving productivity.
Using PlanSo Forms Pro and other business apps e.g. like MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot or just a Google service you'll be able to link them via Zapier. This connection you create between two apps is called a “Zap”. If somebody submits your PlanSo Form (the “Trigger”), it pushes information to another app (e.g. MailChimp) according to the “Actions" you define.

After this tutorial you’ll know how to make a Zap of two apps using PlanSo Forms for WordPress on one hand and Google Sheets on the other hand. Each of those 7 steps will be equal or at least similar to every other app when creating a Zap. Are you ready? So let’s go:

First Arrangement

First of all please login or set up a Zapier account with your mail adress and password. Hover to “Make a Zap!” and click on it with your mouse.

Now you can see the two basics of creating a Zap: A Trigger app on the left and an Action app on the right side. The Action app receives information from the Trigger app, which in our case is always PlanSo Forms for WordPress.

1) Choose a trigger and action

Now you need to choose a trigger app in the first step best in typing “plan” in the search-bar. With a click on our icon Zapier sets up the trigger app.

The next step is to choose a Trigger, which is always “New Submission” as we don’t offer any other Triggers yet.

Well, after choosing PlanSo Forms for WordPress as Trigger you need to decide what action shall processed. Because almost everybody has got a Gmail account we keep it simple and just type in “Google” in the search-bar to see which Google services are supported.

Let’s choose Google Sheets as it makes sense to import new submissions in your Google Spreadsheet.

With a click on “Continue” we’re heading to the next step.

2) Select a PlanSo Forms account

Please follow the instructions mentioned above and copy the link into the box called “Zapier Webhook URL” on your WordPress site which you can find in the tab “PlanSo Forms Pro”.

Click on “Synch fields with Zapier” and go back to your new Zap at

3) Select a Google Sheets account

Next, connect your Google account to Zapier and “Continue”.

4) Filter PlanSo Forms triggers

In step four it is possible to filter new submissions from PlanSo Forms.

You can add several filters which are applying conditional logic. If you set up a new condition Zapier will only trigger a new submission if the condition matches with your filter.
For now, we skip this step and click on “Continue”.

5) Match up a new PlanSo Forms submission to Google Sheets Spreadsheet Row

Now, Zapier needs some required information of Google Sheets.
1) Which Spreadsheet shall be used and
2) Which Worksheet shall be chosen?
To get an idea of what is required please login into your Google account and see what Zapier is asking for.

After checking what is required please head back to Zapier and select the right Spreadsheet, Worksheet and fields

It is important to insert your PlanSo Forms fields in the optional settings. Otherwise Google Sheets and Planso Forms are connected but no data will be transmitted.
Sometimes Google Sheets reports an error, and then it’s useful to refresh Spreadsheet and Worksheet and to insert the default sample.
You always find a Help Doc for each app in Zapier, e.g. in our case for Google Sheets.
A solution of error 400 can be seen below.

6) Test your Zap

If Zapier accepted all fields, it’s time to test your brandnew Zap!

A click on “See trigger sample” or “See action sample” enables you to have a look at sample data PlanSo has sent to Zapier.

Zapier will tell you if the test was alright.

7) Name your Zap and turn it on

If your test was successful you need to name the zap before turning it on.

That’s it! Finally it should appear on your dashboard. You can apply this procedure to every other app in Zapier to create individual Zaps. Moreover, you can also use our popular Shared Zaps.

For any further questions you also find a PlanSo Help Doc on Zapier.