Microsoft Germany published a press release featuring PlanSo, pointing out the advantages of PlanSo for companies operating in the healthcare industry. The title of the news release is “Connecting processes, Managing mobile, Adjusting live: Cloud-Therapy from Planso for Healthcare“. The message can be accessed directly from the German Microsoft Newsroom.

The press release talks primarily about the various methods of application of PlanSo and how companies benefit from our solutions. Furthermore, it explains how PlanSo can provide maximum protection and performance anytime, thanks to the high performing Microsoft Azure infrastructure. This press release is a great recognition of the whole PlanSo Team. Accordingly, we are delighted at such a positive Feedback, especially when it comes from the “worldwide leading provider of standard software, services and solutions”.

Therefore, once again we want to thank Microsoft for its great support.

This feature refers to the PlanSo Business Software, which is currently just available in German speaking markets, but will be provided internationally in the very near future.