Professional forms easy as 1-2-3It has never been easier to create professional online forms

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Easily create fabulous forms with PlanSo Forms!

Quick & easy

PlanSo Forms are easy to use. It just takes a few seconds to create your own form.

WordPress Plugin

PlanSo Forms integrate seamlessly into WordPress. Add forms to any of your posts.

Flexible use cases

PlanSo Forms are highly flexible. Create any kind of forms for infinite use cases.


Forms created with PlanSo Forms look and feel awesome, even on any mobile device.


PlanSo Forms are based on Twitter’s Bootstrap and are highly compatible with different themes.

No coding

Thanks to the Drag-and-Drop functionality PlanSo Forms do not require any coding skills.

Fancy features for you to create fancy forms

User friendly design

PlanSo Forms is specifically designed with creators and users of forms in mind.

We chose a user friendly and intuitive surface for you to create your forms in an uncomplicated and straight forward manner!


There is no easier and faster way to create individual forms. The Drag-and-Drop functionality makes it possible.

Just select the fields you want to display in your form and drag them wherever you want to have them!

Multiple columns

PlanSo Forms do not have a limit when it comes to columns and rows.

Unlike other form creators, you can line up various fields in a row or below the other. Create truly unique forms with PlanSo!

Fields! Fields! Fields!

At PlanSo we love diversity of fields. Therefore we provide you with a vast number of input fields to choose from.

You select between standard input fields, such as text, number, phone, email, URL, date, time, select, checkbox, radio and file!


PlanSo Forms provides shortcodes to integrate your forms wherever you like.

You can insert your created forms into webpages, sidebars, footer widgets or any other area!


Our team is international and so is our software. At PlanSo you can choose between various languages.

For your understanding we set up the back-end in common languages. However you define the front-end language according to your audience!


PlanSo Forms are compatible with several frameworks, such as Bootstrap, jQuery UI or Foundation.

You do not need to adjust your webpage to PlanSo. PlanSo Forms adjust to your setup!


PlanSo Forms love CSS and CSS loves PlanSo Forms.

You can add your own, customized CSS styles and assign individual CSS classes to your input fields!

Font Awesome Icons

A picture paints a thousand words. An awesome icon puts it in a nutshell.

You select the icons that best fit to your content. Your audience and clients will love it!

Individual Mailing

Forms are made for interaction. Therefore user and an administrator mail(s) are generated.

You define the setup and dynamic content of the generated mails, which you and your clients receive!

Multiple Use cases

There is no limit when it comes to the functionality of forms created with PlanSo Forms.

Setup forms for any kind of purpose, such as complaint forms, reservation forms or contact forms!

No Spam

Forms created with PlanSo Forms are free of spam.

The standard “honeypot” technique ¬†recognizes and filters spam bots. ¬†Double up your spam filter¬†by an intelligent, but optional¬†JavaScript protection!

Settings & preferences 

With PlanSo Forms you can set individual preferences and customize any form according to your necessities.

You can choose between basic and advanced settings for each form and for each field within a form!

And much, much more...

  • Name fields
  • Mail fields
  • Number fields
  • Text fields
  • Date fields
  • Time fields
  • Selection fields
  • Multiple choice
  • Radio-boxes
  • Check-boxes
  • Data upload
  • URL
  • Buttons
  • Mandatory fields
  • Help text
  • Placeholders
  • Individual labeling
  • HTML5
  • Selection text
  • Individual variables
  • Themes & colours
  • Automatic mailing
  • Data upload
  • Icons
  • Validation
  • Pushover notification
  • Contact forms
  • Registration forms
  • Invitation forms
  • Calendar forms
  • Booking forms
  • Payment forms
  • Contest forms
  • Complaint forms
  • Quiz forms
  • Test forms
  • Survey forms
  • Application forms
  • Tax forms