PlanSo Forms is now connected to more than 300 web-apps thanks to Zapier.

Zapier is a web automation service, which allows you to connect PlanSo Forms with online applications, such as Google, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, Dropbox or WordPress. With Zapier you can easily move data collected with PlanSo Forms to other applications, integrate these and automate the execution of tasks within other apps. This means that the submission of a form created with PlanSo Forms automatically triggers a specific event, such as:

  • Social Media
    • Post on Facebook
    • Tweet on Twitter
    • Add contacts via Linkedin
  • Newsletter & Mailing Tools
    • Subscribe users to your Mailchimp Newsletters
    • Add contacts to your Microsoft Exchange Account
    • Create AWeber subscribers
  • CRM Applications
    • Generate Leads in Salesforce
    • Add Contacts to SugarCRM
    • Submit HubSpot Forms
  • Office Applications
    • Create events in Microsoft Office
    • Add rows in Google Spreadsheet
    • Create records in Zoho
  • Notes
    • Create notes in Evernote
    • Record tasks in OneNote
    • Send submissions to Basecamp list
  • Chat Messaging & Helpdesk
    • Generate new chats in Livechat
    • Create HipChat Alerts
    • Originate Tickets in zendesk
  • File Management
    • Add new files to Dropbox
    • Send attachments to OneDrive
    • Create new folders in Google Drive

The possibilities of integration and interaction are limitless. You just need the PlanSo Form Pro Version and a free Zapier Account. You can then create infinite Zaps within Zapier, linking PlanSo Forms to whichever application you want.

Go ahead and grab your copy of PlanSo Forms Pro now!