We proudly announce that after extended testing, we finally launched the PlanSo Forms WordPress Plugin today! Now you can create forms in WordPress like you have never done it before.

What is the reason for launching yet another form creator? While improving our German website we were constantly testing various form builder, which might help us creating awesome forms. However, we did not find any plugin fitting our requirements, as most of them either required lots of coding or did not come with the necessary features. After the odyssey, we finally decided that the solution was developing our own plugin and the result is PlanSo Forms.

The free version offers full functionality with an unlimited number of forms, fields and form submissions as well as fully automated admin and user mails. Additionally, you can purchase the Pro version of PlanSo Forms, which comes with a lot of fancy features, such as HTML Email, a full integration of Zapier.com & Pushover.com, Google Analytics Conversion Tracking and Priority Support.

In a few days we will be able to provide you with the Expert Version of PlanSo Forms, which will come with everything a quality form builder needs, among others with the possibility to manage and save data from the form submissions in PlanSo tables, conditional logics and mass-communication tools.

Stay tuned and plan your forms so with PlanSo!