PlanSo Leads – Joomla Plugin Install Instructions

The easiest way to integrate PlanSo Leads into your Joomla CMS

PlanSo forJoomla

PlanSo for Joomla

In a few steps, PlanSo can make your Joomla website to a lead generation engine. Download the PlanSo Leads Joomla plugin and follow the instructions. The PlanSo Leads Script will be embedded in the HTML structure of your website, and PlanSo Leads will work for you. Generate your own lead teasers and learn more about the economic efficiency and the visitors of your website.

Download PlanSo Joomla Plugin Zip

Step 1

In the admin area of Joomla 2.5+ it starts directly in the navigation at the menu point Extentions => Manage => Install.

Step 2

In the Install area, you can choose a installation way for the PlanSo Lead script. This guide assumes that you have downloaded the PlanSo Leads Joomla Plugin Zip and that it is on your computer. So go to the menu point Upload Package File and then click select file.

Step 3

Go to the folder where your PlanSo Leads Plugin Zip is located, select the file, and then click Open.

Step 4

Click Upload & Install.

Step 5

Then, if the installation has expired without error, a success message will appear.

Step 6

Now go left to the Manage menu point and click it.

Step 7

If necessary, enter PlanSo in the search bar, so that you can easily find the plugin and then click on the status button beside the name of the plugin.

Step 8

If everything works correctly, a success message will appear and the status button of the PlanSo plugin will contain a green checkmark.

Step 9

Go to the navigation, up, to the point Extensions => Plugins.

Step 10

On the plugin page, if necessary, enter PlanSo in the search field to find the plugin faster. If the status does not have a green checkmark, activate the plugin by clicking on the status. The plugin name, PlanSo Leads, is the link to the next settings. Click on the name of the plugin, PlanSo Leads.

Step 11

Go to the menu point Options.

Step 12

Here you can change the settings if you want or need to. However, you only need to complete the PlanSo Leads Token field at the bottom. There you enter your token, which you have chosen when you registered at PlanSo.

Step 13

After you have filled the PlanSo Leads Token field, click Save on the top.

Step 14

A green success message should appear. The PlanSo Leads Script is installed now and embedded in the HTML of your Joomla Website.

It’s so easy to install PlanSo Leads with Joomla

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