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Generate new leads with PlanSo Leads

Lead-Management easy as 1-2-3

Using PlanSo Leads it will only take you a few minutes to start your next lead generation campaign.

Mobile first

All lead-teasers created with PlanSo Leads are developed using Mobile-First-Methodology. Each lead-capture-teaser is based on Twitters Bootstrap grid layout and is optimized for all screen sizes.

Extrem schnelle Lead-Teaser

PlanSo Leads is extremely fast and will not slow down your pages or disturb your visitors experience.

No coding

Thank’s to the PlanSo Leads user interface no coding skills are required to create beautiful and high performing lead capture teasers.

Automagic color detection

PlanSo Leads automagically detects the colors of your website and prefills your teasers with the detected colors to help you fit your teasers perfectly to your website.

100% compatible

PlanSo Leads works with any website and almost all web designs.

Features of PlanSo Leads

More than 70 lead-teaser-templates

Get a head start when creating your lead generation teasers by utilyzing one of more than 70 different teaser templates.

4 Lead-Teaser-Types

You can choose from 4 different teaser types: from unobtrusive header or footer bars over modal popups and callouts straight to full page interstitials.

Automatic color detection

The colors of your website will be detected automatically. Your new teasers will perfectly match the color scheme of your site this way and you can fiddle with the remaining colors playfully.

Responsive Design

Smartphones and tablets drive more traffic than ever. That's one reason all PlanSo Leads teasers are 100% responsive and look equally awesome on smartphones, tables and desktop pc's.

Be up to date about your campaign

PlanSo Leads delivers extensive statistics and analytics for domain-, page- and teaser-views and shows exact conversion rates and all details of your optin's.

You define what will happen after an optin

Triggered by the submission of the lead form we will perform as many actions as you have defined. These actions range from auto-responder emails with and without attachments over webhooks and generic API calls right to redirects to a page that you define.

Custom API-Integrations

Using webhook actions in combination with you can connect more than 450 well known tools with PlanSo Leads. Google-Docs, MailChimp, Salesforce and Office 365 are not even the tip of the iceberg of what you can connect.


In a glance of the eye you can see how your different campaigns are performing. You can start or pause any campaign with a single click or go straight to the detailed statistics or edit the teaser.


Instantly know how your domains and pages are performing. Pause campaigns on the domain level and access detailed statistics.

High performance, global CDN

Thanks to our high performance CDN hosted within Microsoft AZURE all lead-teaser are served from the closest geographic location of your website visitors. This also means that all teasers are delivered lightning fast.

Extremely easy to implement

PlanSo Leads is implemented as easy as possible. If you know how to include any analytics tag you know how to install PlanSo Leads. If you don't know that you can still use our WordPress plugin or directly mail your web developer for the integration.

Control the behavior of your lead-teasers

PlanSo Leads offers a wide variety of conditions that allow you to match the behavior of your teasers to match the needs of your lead generation campaign. You define the where, the when and the moment when a teaser should be displayed. And all this with just a few clicks.

Choose the pages where the lead capturing teaser should be shown. PlanSo Leads automatically detects the subpages of your website so that you don't have to enter them manually.

Depending on the teaser type you set up the position of the lead capture teaser: Top, bottom, center or in any corner of the browser window.

You don't want to bother your wisitors with repeaded Teasers? Just configure them to be blocked for repeating visitors.

You want to show the lead teaser only after a certain amount of time? Set up the exact timing in seconds.

You only want to address engaged visitors? Present the lead-teaser to visitors that scrolled a certain amount down within your page.

You'd like to increase the conversion of your exit-traffic? We have an option for that as well and will detect visitors intending to leave for you.

Additional Features

  • More than 70 lead-capture templates
  • 4 different teaser types
  • Automagic color detection
  • CDN, no slow downs
  • Integration help
  • Detailed statistics for domains, pages, leads and optins
  • Unlimited actions triggered upon optin
  • User defined api integrations and connections to more than 450 tools
  • Save, list, export and alter all generated leads
  • Export leads and optins in different formats
  • Customize the display of teasers based on different conditions
  • Limit the teasers to certain pages
  • 100% responsive design
  • And much, much more

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