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PlanSo Leads

With PlanSo Leads you transform every Website into a dedicated Landing Page and provide an optimal attention-ratio. You increase your conversion-rate, win new contacts and gain possibilities for generating new business.

PlanSo Leads automatigically detects the colors of your Website. Because of that all lead generation teasers will blend seamlessly into your Website. You can configure where your Lead-Form should be shown and under which conditions it will be displayed.

PlanSo Forms (SaaS)

Convert your Website into a communication machine and use PlanSo Forms for direct communication with your website visitors. Create simple contact forms or more complex application or order forms.

The Drag-n-Drop form builder, lets you create beautiful online forms within minutes. Once ready you can use your form stand-alone or integrate it into any website.

PlanSo Forms for WordPress

Integrate PlanSo Forms into your WordPress website. With the PlanSo Forms Plugin you add forms to any of your posts, pages and sidebars.

PlanSo Forms are based on Twitter’s Bootstrap and are highly compatible with different themes.

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