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Streamlined Lead Generation for B2B Marketing

Welcome to the future of lead generation, where things get done in a snap. PlanSo Leads Pro is a powerful, robust SaaS platform that has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses to connect with their leads the smart way. Now you can try it out for free. Register today to get more conversions, more sales and more profits.

It’s a story as old as time itself — so where is the solution?


What if you could sell more often with less work?

You have a great product, and people are showing interest in it. But it’s not enough. your conversion rates are nowhere near where you want them to be — and as for your sales…

It’s not easy being in sales. The competition is fierce and you need to have the right words at the right time. You want your leads panting with desire for your product, not your competitors!

You’ve got the traffic.

So where are the conversions, and why does everyone keep abandoning their shopping cart?


What if you could see everything that a visitor to your site was doing in real time, and exactly what they wanted?

What if you could take advantage of this red-hot knowledge to strike when the iron is hot and give them exactly what they want?

Not just once, but time and time again.

Sounds like a pipe dream, right?

Not anymore—because the future of direct engagement has arrived, and you have just found it.

Better yet, you can get started in just minutes.


Stop leaking sales: start talking to your leads, all from one platform

It’s time to stop relying on an occasional drip of sales and turn your focus on your most important asset: visitors to your website.

With PlanSo Leads Pro, it’s easier than ever to position yourself right in front of your leads. Now you can grab their attention while they are on your website, engage with them directly.

It’s never been easier to answer their questions and show yourself as the obvious choice.

More than just a powerful real-time direct engagement tool, our powerful SaaS tool gives is designed from the bottom-up. Now you can cover every stage of the B2B sales engagement process for results that keep you at the front of the queue.


With PlanSo Leads Pro, hard work just got smarter

It’s a simple formula for B2B lead generation success: efficiency + increased sales = more revenue and reduced costs

  • Avoid coding headaches

    with our simple drag ‘n’ drop interface, smart templates and generated codes: we do the complicated stuff so you can focus on your leads

  • Access Planso anywhere

    to make tweaks to your campaigns or check on traffic with a powerful, web-based app

  • Generate new leads

    effortlessly with our powerful lead teasers on every page. Customize our modern templates with compelling calls to action and choose from top bars, full-page pop-ups and push notifications

  • Grow email lists

    with fast 1-click opt-ins that drive fresh leads to your business daily and engage with them directly for enhanced sales

  • Directly engage visitors

    in multiple ways—no longer are you limited to chat boxes or email. With PlanSo Leads Pro, you can interact with leads in a variety of ways—all accessible from one smart SaaS dashboard

  • Drive sales and responses

    with optimized autoresponder series which add value and trust in your brand, driving its growth and sales margins

  • Leverage social media

    and take advantage of some of the world’s best free traffic sources with smart processes that funnel leads to take the actions you want

  • Streamline lead gen processes

    by adding multiple automated responses to actions, creating a commanding sales funnels that gets results

  • Track and test

    every aspect of your lead generation campaigns with statistics that allow you to optimize your marketing efforts and keep visitors at center stage


All of this and much more lies at your fingertips, allowing you to directly engage with your leads 24/7 and close sales.

Built for marketers by marketers

We are confident that once you try PlanSo Leads Pro, you’ll never turn back. Once you have experienced the power of real-time direct engagement firing off on all pistons delivering pitch perfect messages to your site videos, you will be hooked.

So will your new customers.

Turn your lead generation efforts into effortless direct engagement and communicate with real-time visitors to your website with PlanSo Leads Pro—we have made the business to business marketing process faster, better and easier for businesses just like yours around the world.


The future of marketing has arrived: step into it right now

Stop wasting time and money on your current strategy. Sell more, sell faster and turn more of your leads into revenue with Planso Leads Pro. Imagine, just for one moment, that it’s a year from today. How well is your business doing? Don’t forget: if you continue to work your lead generation the same way, you will get the same results. Now picture your business with PlanSo Leads Pro working around the clock to directly engage every visitor to your site, and the sheer amount of data you will have to optimize your results. The choice is pretty clear. We want you to have complete confidence that PlanSo Leads Pro is the right SaaS platform to take your business to the next level. That’s why you can sign up for a free trial right now and see just how effective our service is without having to risk a single cent. Even better, you can start your next lead generation campaign just minutes from now!

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