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    While I think your form creation is rather good, I am having trouble getting the output email to display as I want them. No matter what I try, even after watching your video, and then testing several different ways, the email that I receive always comes from me, instead of the sender. And depending on what I put where, the To field either shows me or the recipient, but I can’t even figure out what settings I used to get anything to be where they are. Plus the email goes to the sender instead of me.

    I am totally confused about the User and Admin sections and what to put where, nor do I really understand the purpose of these sections as admin and user. The best i can understand is that “user” is the one who filled in the form, but nothing I change in that section works either.

    Here are images of my most current configurations, although I have tried already several different ones, but I give up now:

    I really need a clearer instruction. Below is what I am trying to achieve and would really appreciate your assistance….

    In the received email in my Outlook:
    I want the From field in received email to display the sender’s actual name.
    I want the To name in received email to be Improve 21, and sent to admin@improve21.com.au

    See this image:

    In the reply email I send in my Outlook :
    I want the sender’s email to display in the received email in the “To” field.
    I want my email addy to display in the “From” field

    I want the reply-to address when I send a reply to be admin@improve21.com.au

    See this image:

    Also, one more thing. There are some strange symbols in the form creation area.
    See this image:

    Hope you can assist.

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    Hi there. Just a little update.

    After further thinking, I decided to check a couple of parameters I had ticked in the Message tab of the Postman SMTP plugin you recommended. I had ticked the following boxes which I was unsure at the time what function they played in the final outcome:

    under Email Addy, I ticked “Prevent plugins and themes from changing this“.
    under Name, I ticked “Prevent plugins and themes from changing this“.

    I unticked them both and tested again. It did make a difference, although not perfect. It now shows (example):
    admin@improve21.com.au on behalf of ‘Betty Boop’ <betty@boop.com>

    I also ticked and tested each one individually. The 1st box (Email) addy tick is the one that was the culprit. Ticking the 2nd one again (Name) showed the same as when unticked – so unsure what that field is even for.

    I would like to remove the “admin@improve21.com.au on behalf of” bit, and I have written to the Postman SMTP plugin people to see if they can help with removing that bit. And we will see how that works out.

    So, for now, please disregard my question about how the emails are addressed. Sorry about that.

    I do also have a couple of other questions, but would like to first know if you have read any of this, so I can be sure my support questions are being received and attended to.

    I have tested several other contact form plugins, but like yours the best and would like to keep using it if I can get some things ironed out.


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    Hello Janara,

    Thank you for your kind words about the plugin and Good to hear that you have no problem with the Emails now. Please let me know your other questions regarding the plugin.


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    Thanks for responding. Below are the things left before I can consider I have it all under control…..

    1) Thank you page –
    For the contact form on my contact page, I would like to have the extra option for a simple success message rather than only just a redirect url. A page redirect is useful for when lots of extra text (and links etc) is wanted, but for a simple contact form, a simple success message on the page would be the go – so user doesn’t have to take extra actions like clicking a back button.
    So, is it possible to have that choice?

    2)Settings Help
    I would like a sample of what to put in the Admin area and the User area.b While I have managed to get the emails going, I still have issue with how they look in emails. If any of my settings may be causing it, then I can change it.

    Here are images that will give a visual of what I want:

    Below I have what my current settings are, and if you can correct any that are not right, then that will be my “template” for new forms and I won’t be confused. As I mentioned in my firt support post to you, I find these areas hard to understand, even with your video.

    The test example details would be…

    Sender of the form:
    name – Betty Boop
    email – betty @ boop . com

    Receiver (me, Improve21):
    email – admin @ improve21 . com . au
    name – Improve 21

    janara @ improve21 . com . au

    Fields available on this form:
    [Name],[Email], [Subject], [Message]

    My current settings below (I suspect it has some bits wrong). This is what I would like help with to achieve what I want as shown in the images.


    Admin mail subject – [Subject]
    Admin mail body – [Message]
    Admin mail recipient(s) – admin@improve21.com.au
    Admin mail bcc recipient(s) – janara@improve21.com.au
    Admin mail from name – [Name]
    Admin mail from email- [Email]
    Admin mail reply to address – [Email]


    User mail subject – [Subject]
    User mail body – [Message]
    User mail recipient(s) – admin@improve21.com.au
    User mail bcc recipient(s) – janara@improve21.com.au
    User mail from name –
    User mail from email- [Email]
    User mail reply to address – admin@improve21.com.au

    Not an functional issue, but a suggestion/request… I love the fontawesome icons for the fields. However, my eyesight is not 20/20! And scrolling thru that list to choose an icon I have to wear glasses, squint hard, and looking at each individual icon actually hurts my eyes. :( I was wondering whether there was a possibility that the icons can be displayed larger than they currently are? It would make things a lot easier for those with not-the-best eyesight.

    4)Little Bug Report
    Just a reminder, which I wrote about in first post… There are some strange symbols in the form creation area.
    See http://www.improve21.com.au/Planso-WhatsThis.jpg

    I know this was a bit long-winded, but that should be it, and I’m set to go!


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    James H Smith

    Dear sirs:

    This whole thing is confusing? All I want is for the form to email me the contents to me after a customer fills it out. No matter what I try, it still doesn’t email the form to the email address I need. I have no idea who the sender is supposed to be, or how to set up the admin or user areas?

    Customers are redirected to the thank You/Questionaire page after checkout at Paypal. They fill out the form and click “Submit”. that form should then be emailed to an email address associated with our website. Simple enough, except that I don’t understand how to fill out the Admin and User setups because nothing gets sent.

    Please help?


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