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    Hadiya Sultan

    The issues of special education in Malaysia relate to a complex set of challenges that impede the ideal provision of comprehensive educational services for students with different advancing necessities. At the core of these challenges lies a perplexing web of fundamental, social, and asset-related factors that on the whole add to the intricacies faced by the special education area in the county. Foremost among these issues is the absence of a far-reaching and seamlessly incorporated policy framework, which hinders the effective orchestration of special education drives. Although existing policies exist, the basis for a more bound together and enveloping legitimate and regulatory structure that tends to the rights and requisites of students with unique necessities becomes substantial in this specific circumstance. The practical application of comprehensive education inside standard schools stands apart as an essential test. Despite coordinated endeavors to advance inclusivity, the implementation of inclusive practices stays uneven across educational institutions. This disjunction is often exacerbated by a dearth of fundamental resources, insufficient teacher preparation, and an absence of powerful emotionally supportive systems vital for the seamless integration of students with unique requirements into regular classrooms. A basic aspect adding to the dilemma is the deficiency of preparation and proficient development avenues for educators. Malaysian Assignments frequently grapple with the challenge of adjusting educational techniques to oblige students with different advancing requirements, requiring a critical requirement for upgraded training programs.

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